How to lose fat in these common areas

This month we will cover the topic of body fat sites. Do you find that you hold an uneven proportion of fat in certain areas compared to the rest of your body,or have a stubborn area with regards to fat loss? Common problem areas tell you a lot about your body as they are linked to hormones. Understanding these sites can help you design a nutrition and exercise plan to re balance your hormones to optimal levels. Hormones are crucial to your results and health but that’s a topic for another day lets jump straight in.

Mid section- This is fairly common in men if this is your trouble spot it would suggest you have high levels of insulin and cortisol. This area can be tricky and could have multiple reasons you will need to find the cause,to reduce insulin lower carbs and stay away from hi GI foods as this will spike insulin. To lower cortisol you need to find the cause of stress,this can be mental or physical are you relaxing/sleeping enough. If your not able to unwind after work have a go at meditation or relaxation techniques. If your stress is physical is there a food that you have an intolerance too which will cause inflammation leading to stress,most processed foods will effect the body in this way. Make sure your training regime isn’t too long. If your highly stressed I recommend strongman training or HIIT for 30-45 mins only.

Legs- This area points to elevated levels of oestrogen (this is why it’s a common area for females).If oestrogen levels are higher than they should be environmental toxins are the most likely cause. Things like air pollution unfortunately there is not much we can do unless you want to sleep in an oxygen tent and walk to work in a breathing mask,your friends will probably have you sectioned and then a bit of extra fat on your legs will be the least of your worries. You can control ingested toxins from choosing Pyrex tubs rather than plastic tubs to store food in. Buying bottled or filter your water rather than straight from the tap. This one could be key have a look online of the toxicity of your cosmetics,deodorants etc and change your products to less toxic choices.

Back of the arm- Your triceps are an indicator of low testosterone. This is why females will have higher fat in this area compared to men but in both genders testosterone can be improved. Are you getting enough healthy fats in your diet,supplementing with fish oils will also help. Lifting heavy compounds for low reps will also elevate this anabolic hormone.

Upper back- Lastly your back would point towards insulin resistance (meaning your body is storing carbs as rather than using it as fuel) to address this visit my article understanding insulin to improve body composition.
Understanding insulin

It’s important that you use this as a guideline only I have highlighted the most common causes it’s not definitive. If you are overweight you will also be overweight in these areas,remember the key point is if you are holding fat disproportionately in these trouble spots.
As always I’m happy for any feedback and I hope you enjoyed this months read.

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