How to stop repeating the “new year new me” cycle

Hi welcome back to my blog, or if this is your first read, thanks for having a look. I hope you’ve made a positive start to the new year, however If the “new year, new me” has failed in the past, and you continually start a fitness journey every January and it gradually slides away until you are back at the start only to tell yourself “this January I’ll stick to it” . Have you addressed why ?

Goal setting

My latest ebook Goal setting & fresh start is the perfect tool you need to break that cycle, and finally get that consistency you crave. How good will it feel to take affirmative action and get consistent weight loss or those bulging biceps you’ve been dreaming of. In this book you will learn how to create a personalised life balance wheel, which will enable you to address your weak points and pin point what’s been going wrong. “What’s life balance got to do with losing weight loss or building muscle” I hear you say. Simply put imagine a wheel that’s unbalanced, it won’t be a circle and therefore takes more effort to keep that wheel turning. This means it’s more likely you will give up on some of the areas in that wheel. More often than not that area is health and fitness. Make a powerful change today and download this free ebook now Just click the link below.

I am here to help

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