Testosterone: how to boost it naturally

In this article we will go through signs of lower testosterone and natural ways to boost it, however if your testosterone is chronically low you may need medical intervention, so visit your doc.

What is testosterone and why is it important?

Well it’s an androgen hormone and plays an important role in reproduction, muscle building, strength,energy, mood and losing or maintaining body fat. 

On average men produce 6-8MG per day and women around 0.5 MG. Naturally our production gradually declines with age. 


But if you feel you have lower testosterone levels than you should for your age. Here are the top 10 signs to look out for. Some are genetic and some could be down to your lifestyle.

  1. Insomnia 
  2. Losing muscle mass 
  3. Hands and feet are proportionally small 
  4. Round face 
  5. You find yourself more and more emotionally irrational and can’t control it. 
  6. Feeling increasingly in a low mood or depressed 
  7. Increased cellulite around the bum and thighs
  8. Low sex drive and/or sexual dysfunction
  9. Increased fat storage around the hips, bum and thighs. 
  10. Wide hips   

If you suspect your testosterone is low you can visit your G.P for a test.

Natural ways to boost testosterone

If your testosterone is either normal or a little on the low side, medical intervention is unnecessary, but if you’d like a little more pep in your step. Here are the best natural ways to get your T levels back up. 

  1. Lose body fat 
  2. Workouts should be high intensity and below 1 hour in duration. 
  3. High protein diet of 1.6-2g per kg of body weight.
  4. Vitamin D levels should be (100-200 NMOL/L) if like me you live in the uk or a country that doesn’t get much sun it’s highly likely you’ll need to supplement. 
  5. High fat diet above 40% or calorie intake 
  6. Eat foods high in zinc or supplement.
  7. Eliminate or keep refined sugars to a minimum.

And there we have it keep your T levels high to increase your energy, mood. Build muscle, lose fat and have better overall health.  If you have any questions be it to do with this article or muscle building, fat loss, weight loss etc or looking for personal trainers in Manchester I’m happy to help. Just drop me an email  dave@roebuckpt.co.uk

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