The quick and easy way to design a diet plan for fat loss

This month we will cover all you need to know to build a quick diet plan for fat loss that’s easy to follow. Making a diet plan can be confusing,tedious,migraine inducing hell but don’t worry I’m here to save the day. No weighing of food no working out your macros and no excuses. Read on to get your diet plan started.
1.Setting meal frequency
This is purely individual you may tend to eat 3 times a day or up to 5 either is fine just adjust your portion control accordingly.
2.Portion control
An easy way to figure out if your eating the right amount for fat loss is you should experience hunger between meals as your on a calorie deficit and after meals you should feel satisfied not stuffed. Be wary if your ravenous most of the day this means your calorie cut is too severe and will hinder fat loss in the long run. Some people may have problems with leptin which makes it difficult to know if your hungry or not for more info on this important hormone read
If you have a problem gauging hunger here is a simple portion guide using just your hand.
Per meal
Protein source meat/fish etc = 1 palm full for women 2 for men.
Carb source potato/oats etc = 1 cupped handful for women 2 for men.
Fat source nuts/seeds etc = 1 thumb for women 2 for men.
Veg sources opt for dark green variety have as much as you like.
This is based on 4 meals a day if your frequency differs adjust accordingly.
4.What to eat and when
For fat loss its best to have a protein and fat meal only for breakfast and your pre workout meal.
post workout have lean protein and for your last meal have protein and carbs,as you get leaner you can add in carbs for the meal post workout.
Never have fats and carbs at the same time,make sure you eat white meats and fish with carbs,red meats,oily fish without. With the exception of post workout you want low carbs and fats.
5.Best carb options
Try and stick to low GI and unprocessed.
That’s it that’s all you need to design a simple but effective plan. One last tip use herbs,spices etc make your food tasty the best diet plan is the one you can stick to consistently. I hope you find this useful any questions leave a comment,till next month I wish you luck in your fat loss journey.

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