Top 5 reasons to leave cereal on the shelf

In past articles I have championed the meat and nuts breakfast and the benefits of opting for this. This month we will put the traditional breakfast of cereal under the microscope, contrary to common beliefs cereal is no good for your health and body composition long term. Read on to find out why.
 1.Usually high in sugar
This will result not only in an energy crash which will leave you craving more sugar by mid morning but also prevent fat burning if you train before work due to the insulin spike.

 2. Dairy dangers 
Most likely you will have milk with your cereal. Milk will bump up the calories significantly. It’s also worth noting that approximately 75% of us are unable to digest lactose (the sugar in milk) properly. The side effect levels of this intolerance vary from very severe to barely noticeable, the problem with the latter is that it may not discourage you and as a one off won’t do much harm, but every morning this will lead to inflammation which is a pre cursor to many serious illnesses and encourages fat storage.

 3.Carbohydrate timing 
Carbohydrates are best used as a post workout meal to replenish glycogen, and at night which is the opposite way we have all grown up accustomed too. Eating carbs sets off a chemical reaction in our brains telling us to relax, have you ever gone out for a meal had your fill of potatoes and desert etc, and afterwards you’re fighting to stay awake. This is hardly an ideal way to start off your day.

 4.Low quality protein 
Cereals lack protein, and what protein your cereal does contain is low quality, cheap and processed which is not digested as efficiently as “natural” protein. Quality protein will leave you fuller for longer and repair damaged muscle tissue, this will not only make it easier to reduce calories during the day, it will also increase your metabolic rate (calorie expenditure) long term.

5. Refined grains
The process of turning the corn, soy wheat etc into the cereal in your bowl may make it more palatable but also strips away the nutrients and fibre. Healthy “whole grain” printed on your cereal box is a marketing loop hole, all this means is it was once a whole grain before production. Best comparison of this is which is healthier a steak or burger from your local take away, they both started out as beef at one point but a massive difference in quality and nutritional value. 
 I hope you have found this months article useful and will help you make the right choices to start your day feeling happier, looking better and full of energy. Any feedback will be appreciated. Until next month stay healthy.


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