Top ten tips to lead a fat burning lifestyle

This month we will look at ten easy habits to adopt for a fat burning lifestyle. Use all of these in your daily routine and you’re onto a winner.
1. Swap high GI carbs for low GI.
Complex carbs such as rice and sweet potato will help you stay in fat burning mode. High GI foods spike your insulin which in turn will shift you to fat storing.

2. Have a high fat low carb diet.
Doing this is tough for the first week but stick it out and your body will become more efficient at using fat for fuel and cravings etc will subside.

3. Eat the right fats.
Oily fish,Avocados,nuts and seeds all contain healthy fats avoid trans fats like they are the plague these are found in processed food and are very unhealthy.

4. Eat carbs at the right time.
This depends on how overweight you are, if you only carrying a few extra pounds have a small/regular portion post workout. If you are bigger have a small portion before bed.

5. Train anaerobic then aerobic.
For best results most of your workout should focus on anaerobic exercise such as sprints,HIIT,and Strength training this releases fatty acids, then finish with something low intensity such as a jog this will then burn the released fatty acids.

6. Drink ice water between your meals.
Drinking water when you are peckish or hungry between meals can help you hold out till meal time, also drinking ice cold water will raise your metabolism because your body has to expend energy warming it up.

7. Have a black coffee as a pre workout.
Not only does caffeine raise metabolism but it will amp you up to train harder. However if you are a highly stressed individual your best swerving caffeine altogether. Which brings us nicely to the next point.

8. Avoid caffeine after training.
Caffeine raises cortisol so pre workout that’s great but post workout your body needs to relax and cortisol drops off. If cortisol levels remain high this increases fat storage on the belly and has a detrimental effect on anabolic hormones which burn fat and build muscle.

9. Do not skip breakfast.
In some cases diets such as intermittent fasting are useful but generally skipping this important meal will mean less energy during the day this means your metabolism is low. A meat and nuts breakfast will give you energy and is great for cognitive function.

10. Sleep naked
Yep you read that right sleeping naked means your body works harder to maintain your temperature, burning fat in your sleep how great is that.

As you can see these are quite easy to implement into every day life. I hope you find this useful as always your feed back is welcome.

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