Van Gaal shows us how to fail in our goals


So it’s looking like LVG’s time is up. He needed to go, I love Man U and I’ll always support them but this season has been tough to watch.
I’d like to draw up some parallels to his failings and what not to do for your fitness goals.

Here’s my top five comparisons
1.have a clear outline on what you want to achieve and set up a training and nutrition plan from that. Ol Louis seemingly had no clue on what type of player to buy to compliment the squad.
2. Work on your weaknesses don’t just rely on your strengths,legs struggle to grow ? Train them twice a week. LVG s strength was obviously possession football but he seemed to forget we need to actually attack and risk losing possession to score. You are only as strong as your weakest link.
3. Learn from past mistakes/successes make reords of protocols alongside results,to give you an idea of what works for your individual body. The bumbling Dutchman seemed to forget united always relied on fast attacking play with pacey wingers Mata on right wing anyone ?

4. Which brings me nicely onto my next point, use the right tool for the job for instance training for brute strength,your programme should be designed around using a barbell not a bloody bosu ball. LVG loved selecting the wrong tool and sticking with it,wingers as strikers,midfielders as defenders,strikers as wingers.

5. When somethings not going to plan, look at what you need to change, eg are your macros right or do you need to re balance them. United knew halfway through the season and possibly earlier that they weren’t making progress with the style of play but didn’t change.

Cheers LVG for giving me the inspiration for this post,now bugger off so united can get back to scoring more than 1 goal every decade.

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