Why Pt’s love working with gym newbies

This time of year you may be thinking about joining a gym to get that beach body,but there is one big obstacle in your way where to start ? It can be daunting. You may want the help of a fitness professional but that voice in your head stops you (ps if you actually have voices in your head go see a doctor ;b)
“I’ve never been to a gym before I’m not ready for a trainer”
“Im too embarrassed for a buff trainer to see my fat”
“I have seen all those videos of people squatting crazy weights I don’t even know how to squat”
“I’m not fit enough for a pt”

If this sounds like you read on because hopefully I’m about to make you feel a whole lot better.
Personally and I’m sure many trainers agree,I love training gym novices and here’s why.

If your new to the gym you may be a little intimidated by all the banging and clanging,give it a few weeks and your confidence will soar in my experience this happens with no exception. For your trainer to see your confidence levels blossom this is hugely rewarding for us.

We won’t judge your wobbly bits in fact the more you have the more impressive before and after pic we can look forward to.

It’s usually easier to train someone who’s never lifted before,because 9 times out of 10 Joe public will have bad lifting habits this can take lot of time to correct. So if I hear no I’ve never squated before its music to my ears. I have had clients squatting with a 4kg kettlebell and 3 months down the line back squatting 50kg for fun.

A good trainer will gauge your fitness levels and plan a programme accordingly. It doesn’t matter how unfit you are you will be pushed hard but not to the point of death I promise (death isn’t conductive for your health or my repeat business).

I hope this months blog has nudged you from thinking about it to doing it. A good blog to follow up from this is how to make sure you choose a good pt. Any follow up questions I’m happy to answer till next month happy lifting ;).

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